wolf brushes

Wolf Paint Brushes

The highest performing paint brush you’ll ever own!

Wolf Alpha Pro & Beta Pro brushes are the perfect combination of quality and value!

The synthetic polyester nylon blend is specifically designed to balance stiffness, paint retention and paint release, ensuring smooth uniform application. Finished with stainless steel and copper ferrules, and beech-wood handles.

Product Features


  • Solid Round Tapered (SRT) filaments
  • Alpha Pro series – Copper rust proof ferrules
  • Beta Pro series – Stainless steel rust proof ferrules
  • Beechwood handles



  • High volume paint pickup & release
  • Uniform paint coverage
  • Resistant to surface abrasion fatigue
  • Suitable for acrylics & oil based paints and stains

Product Maintenance


  • For extended lifetime clean your paint brush immediately after use.
  • Water based coatings – wash with warm water & soap
  • Oil based coatings – wash with mineral turpentine first then rinse with warm water and soap.
  • Never soak. Hang to dry. Store in protective keeper.