Boss ExoGap Exterior

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Boss ExoGap Exterior is a siliconized painter’s gap filler for exterior use. Designed to last longer in weather exposed areas and promotes better adhesion of exterior paints. Formulated for painters & DIY renovators.

  • Excellent adhesion to most building materials.
  • Water clean-up of uncured sealant.
  • Permanently flexible.
  • Can be overcoated with water & oil-based paints.
  • Non-toxic and low VOC.
  • Single component.

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Boss ExoGap Exterior is an easy-to-use general purpose siliconized gap filler. The non-toxic single pack formula is environmentally friendly and makes it ideal for use in residential applications. Suitable for filling cracks and gaps in a variety of interior and exterior applications.

  • Fast dry and non-shrinking
  • Interior and exterior
  • Paintable
  • Excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates
  • Super smooth finish and minimal slumping
  • Long-lasting resistance to mildew and organic growth
  • Clean up with water
Substrate Preparation:

All substrates must be dry and free from dust, dirt, mold and other contaminants which may affect adhesion. Interior timber and fibre cement cavities should be primed prior to filling for best results. Concrete cavities should be sealed prior to filling with a quality concrete sealer to prevent efflorescence and lime leaching.

Directions for Use:

Apply Boss ExoGap Exterior with a narrow filling blade. Take care to leave minimal excess filler around gaps and cracks, removing excess filler with a damp cloth, and allow to dry. Ensure full cure has been reached prior to painting. Apply a quality water or oil based top coat. Priming with a quality water or oil based primer is optional but not necessary. Do not allow prolonged exposure to sun or moisture.

Recommended Primers and Undercoats:

Fills gaps and cracks in –

  • Timber and fibre cement weatherboards and claddings
  • Timber trim, architraves, windows and door frames
  • MDF and wood based composites
  • Concrete blocks, stucco and masonry
  • Boss ExoGap Exterior should not be be subjected to prolonged exposure to rain or moisture. Apply a high quality paint as soon as practicable after curing
  • Not suitable for use with substrates which are permanently wet or subject to regular saturation
  • Fill larger holes by applying filler in multiple layers, allowing filler to cure between applications
Safety and Storage:
  • Keep contents out of reach of children
  • Store in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight for prolonged shelf life
  • Content is non-hazardous and non-toxic.
  • Dispose of empty container responsibly

Download PDS and SDS

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