Quality Fillers

Choosing quality fillers and tools really matters!  Your home is your greatest asset and needs the protection of long-lasting fillers, and your time, energy and money are too valuable to waste on less-than-perfect results!

The painting industry has long trusted our brand to deliver superior performance in every product; you can trust our brand too!

Online Paints, preferred supplier for DIY and trade!

Our DIY Focus

Painting is really hard work! We want to make it easier, so our focus is on helping tradesmen and DIY get more from their efforts….

Here’s how – We deliver quality fillers! We save you hours on every project by providing trouble-free filling products and step by step advice as and when you need it! Just call us when you need us.

Trade Benefits

Years of experience in the trade puts us in the unique position of understanding the problems painters sometimes encounter with less-than-optimal filling products.  Our combination of the best products with the best advice and know-how helps you to achieve profitable and long-lasting results every time!

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If you are interested in stocking our products or want to know more about us, send us an inquiry and we will get back to you as soon as we can.