Epoxy Filler

Epoxy Filler

Flexible Exterior Filling Compound

Epoxy Filler – a unique and novel epoxy product designed specifically to withstand seasonal expansion and contraction of timber weatherboards.  The permanently flexible, moisture proof properties of Epoxy Filler provide the first line of defence against moisture ingress and paint failure!

Epoxy Filler…a fully moisture proof exterior filler, providing the perfect balance between ease-of-sanding and long-lasting flexibility!

Available in:

  • Handy 1 litre kit size : Resin 500ml – Hardener 500ml


  • Timber.
  • Fibre cement panels and boards.
  • Plastics.
  • Metals.
  • Fibreglass


Advantages and Benefits:

  • Pre-gelled – easy to mix and apply.
  • Permanently flexible.
  • Can be tinted with standard paint colourants.
  • Will not shrink – expands slightly as it cures.
  • No spot priming required prior to topcoats.
  • 100% moisture proof.
  • High impact resistance.
  • Easy sanding.
  • No-hassle 50/50 mixing ratio.

Limitations and Recommendations:

  • May not reach full cure in holes smaller than 3-4mm in diameter and depth.
  • Application under 6 degrees is not recommended.
  • Over-mixing or under-mixing will affect performance.
  • Some expansion may occur after sanding if full cure has not been achieved.

Directions for use:

  • Download and familiarize yourself with the directions for use contained in the product datasheet.
Epoxy Filler solves one of the most costly problems any home owner or tradesman can have; paint failure around nail holes.


Weatherboard claddings in particular are susceptible to seasonal expansion and contraction, and standard fillers don’t have the flexibilty to move with the timber. Cracking of the filler and eventually of the paint system is almost inevitable over time.

When standard permeable fillers are exposed to the weather they absorb any moisture that happens to be present and they swell, eventually ‘popping’ out of the nail hole. This expansion of the filler stretches the paint system even more, forcing it to crack and delaminate away from the substrate in a fairly short period of time – opening the way for even more moisture to enter the cladding. If left unresolved, the eventual result is the breakdown and decay of the entire cladding system, and possibly of the framework and structure beneath it.

Even when the external paint system is sound, standard permeable fillers are still susceptible to internal moisture originating from within the cavity system, perhaps due to condensation, or from poor installion of flashings or other weatherproofing and ventilation materials.

Epoxy Filler is 100% moisture proof and permanently flexible. The permanently flexible,  non-permeable epoxy base will never swell under wet conditions and will never ‘pop’ or delaminate due to seasonal stress differentials between the timber and the filler.

Home owners and tradies can rest easy knowing that the most common failure point of exterior timber cladding systems has been resolved!